Our Love story!

First of all LUVITA is more than just a cool sounding word we made up!        It means LOVE IS THE ANSWER and we work every day to manifest that!



The LUVITA FOUNDATION was created from the love and passion Jen and Tony have for fitness, eating healthy delicious foods, and the human need to enjoy life to its fullest. Obviously those three things don’t always cooperate with each other. Jen has been experimenting with healthy diets for most of her adult life. That experience has givin her an incredible understanding of food and its effect on your mind and body . Tony has overcome multiple spine injuries to resume an athletic weekend-warrior lifestyle.  The two of us have had plenty of ups and downs on our journey!

UPS and downs

We were really looking for a way to eat what we wanted, while doing all the activities we enjoyed, without giving up anything we loved. We were looking for the LUVITA Lifestyle!

For Tony that meant being able to Surf, Wakeboard, Snowboard, Play Softball, and drink beer while not being in pain 24/7. For Jen that meant being able to enjoy Yoga, Boating, Snowboarding, and connecting with people on the highest levels without being dragged down by “bad” foods.

There has been a ton of trial and error for each of us in our lifestyle goals but we’ve kept at it and we are happier than we’ve ever been!


We started our fitness journey in November of 2016 and we have experimented with the whole 30 diet off and on since we started dating in July of 2016.

Our lives really started to change and our mission became clear when Jen decided that her true calling was helping others connect on a higher level and teaching them how to live the life of their dreams. Jen studied Yoga at ZUDA Yoga in Sacramento and personal training with NASM (North American Sports Medicine) and earned her PT certification in March 2018. Tony studied Personal Training in 2008 and earned his PT certificate through the International Sports Science Association in May 2008. Tony has helped hundreds of people feel better through fitness and healthy habits.

THE AHA Moment

It was that personal training education that led us to host a free fitness challenge with some of our closest friends. At that time we really came to the realization that people really want to be fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, however for the most part they just don’t know how to put the whole thing together. Most people have heard so many differing opinions on food and fitness that it becomes information overload which leads to freeze and do nothing. That’s exactly what we’re fighting to fix!

The next realization was that there were no truly delicious, fresh, organic, and properly proportioned meal prep services. Most people in the fitness industry think of food as a utilitarian need and therefore lack the creativity to make pre-planned meals that people actually look forward to eating. That was our true “AHA!!!!” moment, we knew that we could teach people how to exercise properly, give them mouth-watering delicious food that they actually looked forward to eating, all while fulfilling our need for connection and fun!



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